Women Empowerment (Self-defense)


USDF proposes self-defense workshops and classes for women and children. The self-defence method taught by specialist is not a martial-art or a combat-sport. It is about the women natural instinctive way of defending themselves. There is no need to be young, flexible or muscular to attend the classes.

Besides physical defence the workshops also emphasize on:


Behavioural dissuasion

Verbal dissuasion

Women instinct

“Soft” blows (for lower danger situations)

Tough blows (survival blows)

Trainer / coaching staff insist on the link between women’s attitude in everyday life and efficient response in case of an assault. A woman who is too submissive at home (who lets others decide for her, who lets her children disobey, who is beaten, who is not allowed to work, etc.) and at work (who does not react when men are making sexual hints, who lets her boss stare at her breasts or touch her, etc.) will not be able to let her survival instinct work the day she has to fight against an aggressor. It would be the same for a young girl who lets her boyfriend check her mobile phone or lets her brother decide how she must dress. Being able to fight an aggressor is not a question of combat techniques but is primarily a mental attitude which is rooted in the way women behave in everyday life.

The method taught to children, especially the young boys, is more about some kickboxing techniques. Self-defence is a serious topic but instructors treat it with a sense of humour and makes sure that the participants have some fun.