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Volunteering Information

As a volunteer you are an integral part of our success and your contribute could really make the difference. Whether you are working, studying or just having a holiday in India, come to our centres and take part to different activities. You will see how much happiness and how many smiles you can give with your help. Plus, we are a very young organisation so we are always looking for inspiring, enthusiastic and positive people, ready to share and spread our values and missions all over the world.

Every volunteer can decide how many hours dedicate to USDF’s projects and how to split them between weekday and weekend. We also look for some specific professional profiles: photographers/videographers for our special events and workshops, webmasters, audio and sound specialist.

If you are interested please email us for more information.


We accept a small number of internships each year from India and overseas. The length of the internship starts from one month and could reach one year. You may be involved in planning and running programs, organizing PR and Communications events and other activities associated with our projects. We would work with you to tailor your internship according to your needs, your preferences and your educational background. If you dream about working for a non profit organization, this experience will give you the chance to see from inside how a NGO is run and to give a strong contribute to its future growth. During the internship you could also work on a specific innovative project and collect some material for your thesis. We are growing fast, so come and join us if you want to grow with us.

Master class volunteering

If you are an artist and you like drawing, painting, playing some instrument, dancing or acting, we would love to create with you  a specific program for our kids. Your talent is more than welcome!

Corporate CSR events – for companies only

We are happy to work with you to plan, organize and execute your Corporate CSR events for your employees/key clients/graduate interns. Each corporate events is usually tailored made, so please feel free to contact us for further information.

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